Dogechain Dogecoin DOGE Giveaway

We’re thankful to the Doge community for their ongoing support of our soon-to-be-launched DogeFi ecosystem. Since we can’t succeed without you, we’re holding a series of competitions to give you a taste of dogechain life. This month, we’re promoting an exciting Doge-related event named ‘The Grand a Day in May’ competition.

The superhero Doge loving team behind Dogechain created ‘The Grand a Day in May campaign to reward the best community in crypto & to share the good word of DaddyDoge with the world. The campaign includes a full month of competitions and giveaways with an overall prize pool of $30,000 USDT.

That’s not all! In this blog post, we’re revealing what the mystery grand prize is.

Wait for it…

It’s a Tesla! Which model? Well, that’s the real surprise. Now you know what you’re in for.

If you participate in the full month of competitions, you’ll be entered into the drawing to win!

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How DOGE Holders Will Benefit from Dogechain

Dogechain can be integrated into EVM-compatible DeFi applications, such as Quickswap. Also, Dogechain can potentially leverage a multitude of Layer-2 solutions, including ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups. With Dogechain, DOGE can also increase its transactions-per-second performance.

Above all, Dogechain will provide DOGE holders with extensive utility. $DC will allow DOGE holders to take advantage of a whole new universe of dApps.

Roughly 90% of the supply of $DC tokens will be airdropped to the community. A large amount of $DC tokens are reserved for existing Doge holders, including Robinhood Doge holders (when Robinhood allows DOGE withdrawals).

Once the Doge community can leverage DeFi and NFTs, the token will be susceptible to growing user demand in these fields. We believe that kind of utility will shorten the time frame for Doge to gain traction within the crypto world.

Until then, we’re promoting our “The Grand A Day in May” competition to showcase Dogechain’s utility. While blockchain technology can be highly technical at times, this should not be an excuse to avoid having fun with it. After all, Dogecoin’s success was built on not taking itself too seriously, to begin with.

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