Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

“E pluribus, Dogechain” (inscription found above a urinal in the George Washington’s bathroom)

Long ago, in the fires of Mount Doge, the almighty eGod forged the links of a tool that was going to lead his people to salvation.

It was to be called, Dogechain, and with it his people shall discover the sweet salvation of utility.

For too long the faithful Doge community has wandered in the wastes of a land without smart contracts, all the while praying that a savior would come to liberate them.

Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

It seemed all hope was lost. That the thirst for dope NFTs and killer dApps would never be quenched. But the eGod is all-wise and rewards true believers. Seeing that his people were in despair, he led one of his people to make a discovery.

Guided by the light of a bright moon, a young pup was led to an ancient cave within which lay an ancient scroll. A scroll written from before blockchains began. The DogeChain Prophecy had been rediscovered!

And lo’ a true believer will rise up out of the Doge community, and lead my people to a promised land of utility, smart contracts, and wealth. They shall be super cool, and they will take us to the Dogechain.”

But who was this mythical savior? Could it be true that dogecoin might finally have utility? Much questions, so excite.

The young pup picked up the prophecy in his mouth and ran back to his doge family, his tail wagging with every step.

Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

Back at camp, this goodest of bois paused and looked over his family from atop a cliff. Watching his brethren his heart swelled with pride, they had endured so much… There they sat, the light of the moon glimmering on their diamond hands, waiting patiently for the time when they could just mint some sweet NFTs and stake their doge.

It had been a long journey, but at last, they had been blessed with a path to the promised land. Clearing his throat, the young pup caught the attention of the community. Heads turned, ears pricked, tails wagged. Then he raised his doge voice and called out across his community in a deafening cry:

“All true believers arise! The time is now, the prophecy is about to be fulfilled! Our dreams are about to be answered! Wake up and get on the Dogechain!”

Join us.

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