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The shibes responsible for Dogechain development are pulling hard on the leash to forge ahead and deliver a groundbreaking EVM compatible smartchain. With this in mind we thought our fellow Doge enthusiasts would love to come and poke around in our protocol. By accessing the Dogechain testnet users will gain a valuable feel for how the chain will work, even at this early stage.

This blog is intended as a visual guide for completing your journey through the Dogechain testnet and claiming your place in history as a Dogechain pioneer. To complete this hallowed journey you will need the following resources:

Step 1:
Enabling your MetaMask to view Test networks:

To get started simply switch your MetaMask over to Matic network then select the option marked Show or hide test networks in order to bring up the menu to enable testnets to become visible.

As you can see here the Show testnetworks option is turned on. Without this you will be unable to view the Dogechain testnet.

Step 2:
Next we will be adding Dogechain Testnet to your MetaMask to ensure it is visible.

First we need to pull up the MetaMask drop-down menu that lists the various networks we can connect to and select “Add Network”.

Doing so will take us to this screen…

As you can see from the image above we took the resources listed at the start of this blog, particularly:

Then used it to populate the relevant fields as you can see above. Once this is complete press “Save”.

As you can see above our account is now all set up, with the “Network added successfully” message displayed in the bottom right corner, however we have no tokens to use.

Step 3:
Next we will be gaining test wrapped Doge tokens from the faucet here:
♦️ Faucet:

Head over to the faucet & input your recently created address, then press the green button that says “Give me 10wDoge”

As you can see we submitted our request here & the faucet is processing the transaction, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on traffic to the faucet.

As you can see here the faucet has now completed the deposit of wDoge tokens into the address provided.

That’s it Shibes, you are now free to experiment with sending tokens back & forth to your Doge friends as well as interacting with various dApps on the testnet as they deploy over the coming weeks.

Have fun and remember to stay safe by only using the links provided in this blog!

What is Dogechain & how does it work?

Dogechain, the first of its kind, is a fresh, new Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible layer 1 blockchain forked from Polygon. It will allow users to wrap their DOGE into a smart contract and enter a brand new world of DeFi capabilities for the original meme coin.

Created by a team of Dogecoin enthusiasts and OG community members, the platform will provide yields for holders and allow them to interact with a full range of decentralized products, all paid with DOGE. The process is quite simple — DOGE holders will wrap their coins and receive $wDOGE in return. It’s with these wrapped tokens that the fun (and profit) begins.

Dogechain will provide users with a platform for DeFi, minting NFTs and a marketplace populated with works from the greatest artists available. Gas will be paid with $DC, which indirectly empowers the original DOGE with NFT capabilities!

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Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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