Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

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He was but a humble hound, spurred by a message of utmost importance. This goodest of bois understood the task he must endure. But would they listen? Or would they see it as the incessant barking of a mad dog.

This concern weighed heavy on his mind. But his duty to the Doge community set him firmly on his path.

The marketplace was his first port of call, perhaps through word of mouth alone a link in the chain could be forged.

Through the network of winding forest roads he trudged, following his nose. Until, in the distance, he saw a man slowly walking towards him. His figure was bent under an enormous sack of Dogecoin on his back. The road was very bumpy, and with each step the bag would slip. Yet each slip only made his diamond hands grip tighter, never letting a single coin fall.

Slowly lowering his dark sunglasses, our good boi met the gaze of this drifting fellow.

Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

“What is your name, friend?”

In a husky voice, the dog straightened his back and stood proud.

“I am Hodl, son of Hodling, I have been on a wearisome journey to buy my son his first NFT — but alas, they deemed my coins unfit for the Ethereum DEX!”

A grin spread across the face of our chosen boi. He knew this story all too well.

“Come, pray, sit with me a while and let me help you. I have a solution to your problem, dear fren.”

Hodl’s grip tightened on the rope of the sack. A look of uncertainty washed across his face. He had heard these words before, and rarely — if ever did it turn out well. But there was something about the wagging of our bois tail coupled with those killer shades that eased his concerns. He followed him into a clearing away from the roadside.

The pair sat together under the shade of a tree.

“May I have one coin, please? Not to keep, but to show you the method of course. It is akin to alchemy, and once you understand how — you will be able to do it yourself”

Hodl’s brow furrowed, it was in his nature to hodl, but what use were his coins if they were merely a weight upon his back! He reached into his sack and produced one shiny Dogecoin, placing it in our hero’s paws.

In one swift motion, our doge began to wrap the coin in a material that seemed to phase in and out of the space-time continuum. The man’s eyes lit up as his coin changed from $DOGE to a $wDOGE token.

“What is this sorcery??!” the man exclaimed.

“Allow me to explain,” our hero calmly responded. “At its core, this token is the same $DOGE you handed to me, but it has gained new properties. Firstly, this token is Proof of Stake an-“

“Proof of Stake?”, the question escaped Hodl’s lips as he sat cross-legged, fidgeting in place.

“Yes. This means, provided your sack of coins is large enough, you may become a validator and produce blocks of your own.”

Eyeing his sack of coins, Hodl turns to our Doge.

“But why? I merely want to spend my coin, I’m not concerned with this process”.

“Dear shibe, this means you and your community can all be part of the network, ensuring a permissionless and decentralized blockchain. The power will remain with you and your brethren, and your voices will be heard. You can make proposals, delegate, vote on blockchain parameters and influence governance decisions”

Hodl’s impatient fidgeting began to ease and he slowly leaned forwards, lending his ear ever more intently.

“If you wish to set down that cumbersome sack, it’s also possible to lend your $wDOGE on a decentralized exchange in return for rewards, most commonly these are derived from the fees accrued from other traders swapping their tokens”.

Hodl sat in deep thought, thinking of the riches he could muster through loosening his grip upon the rope but just a little.

“This marketplace you visited, they denied your wish to enter and pay with your $DOGE. But now that your coin has been wrapped and transformed, you’ve opened the doors to a universe of EVM compatible dApps. No longer shall we stand at the gates while venture capitalists throw us scraps from their gilded towers. This is Dogechain! We are here to empower Dogecoin and reign in the era of DogeFi!

Breathing deep, the man plunged his diamond hands deep into the bag. Feverishly, he wrapped his tokens until the sack was overflowing with $wDOGE.

Dogechain DC Lore - DOGE Dogecoin

With haste, the man bolted to his feet — the excitement robbing him of his stoic form. “I must take my leave, friend. My horizons have broadened and I must enjoy the spoils of my endeavors! I shall tell others of your lessons and I pray we meet again!”

With a bow, the man left. Retreating back to the path and into the distance. Each bob of his head met with the rhythmic thumping of our doge’s wagging tail against the soft earth. Our good boi watched as the figure faded into the horizon.

And so, word began to spread, and our good boi’s mission had begun.

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