DC Dogechain Project Spotlight

Another week of building on Dogechain has passed, as the chain has reached the 40 million transaction threshold. Nearly 10k wallets were added since the last spotlight summary, showing steady and consistent growth of the chain. Despite the heavy toll of the bear market, projects on Dogechain keep multiplying and bring new use cases for your DOGE.

On this week’s Project Spotlight, we decided to change the formula of the panel. To this end, we reduced the number of projects to 3, which allowed project leaders to provide a more concise rundown of their vision and utility. Moreover, we gave our experts and the community a Q & A window after each pitch, so that listeners could get an even more in-depth overview of each project.

As always, if you are interested in what these builders had to say, check out the full episode here:


On the other hand, if you are here for a more concise overview of what is building on Dogechain, check out these short overviews of the participants:


Poodoge is a utility project launched on Dogechain, bringing investors tools for keeping track of their investments. This all-in-one utility suite provides Dogechain users with a portfolio tracker, charting tools, and integrated token swap.

The portfolio tracker allows you to keep track of the hundreds of meme tokens on Dogechain, no matter which DEX it’s listed on. Quite handy, considering the number of tokens on the chain that pop up every day, and the various DEXes you need to follow to be able to track their prices.

The PooDoge Token is the utility token used to gain access to features such as staking and advanced trading tools. The team states that holding a bag of PooDoge in your wallet ensures that you will always have access to the best tools for your Dogechain trading experience.

Further down the road, the team promises upgrades to their platform, including:

  • Native staking for their token
  • An in-app swap so that you can trade and chart within the tool.

All in all, PooDoge looks like a promising platform that will make memecoin traders’ lives easier.


Oasis is a full-fledged NFT marketplace on Dogechain, providing DOGE holders with a new way to buy digital assets. It allows creators to list their collections and Dogecoin lovers to use their wDOGE to buy, sell and trade their favorite meme NFTs.

The marketplace stealth-launched on August 27 and has quickly gathered a huge following of Dogechain users. Currently, it boasts the most volume of all the NFT marketplaces on Dogechain and fosters the most collections with some notable ones like RealDogePunks and Bored Doge Kennel club.

While popular, the marketplace is still barebones, but not without ambitions. In the upcoming months, the team plans to release royalties for creators so that it enables the building of a healthy NFT ecosystem on Dogechain.

Additionally, Oasis might see some additional features such as staking NFTs. The Dogechain team floated the idea that yields could be generated in DOGE or DC tokens, making it possible to reward and grow the community even further.


PandaSale is a user-oriented platform that focuses on facilitating a balanced and mutually beneficial environment for both investors and project owners. To this end, the platform provides an all-in-one projects launchpad and integrates many other complimentary services (Marketing, KYC audit, Contests, etc.) under the same platform.

It supports multiple blockchains, including Dogechain, allowing it to have a large panel of partners across the blockchain ecosystem. It’s a service aimed at facilitating the chain’s growth by providing various trust-building and marketing services to investors and project owners.

These include:

  • PandaSale KYC — a legitimacy verification that acts as a deterrent against dishonest and suspicious developers or development teams by ensuring they can be held accountable if they attempt to defraud investors.
  • SAFU Contract — the SAFU Badge is given to projects that have trusted and known developers or projects that cannot be manipulated by the developer to rug investors.
  • Marketing partnerships — which include high-end influencers, advisors and incubator partners.

To sum up, PandaSale allows investors to easily find trustworthy projects, while simultaneously providing developers with the means to push their projects forward.

Wrapping Up

And like every week, we wrapped up our Twitter spaces with the “shitcoin showdown”, where the community was able to come forward with their favorite meme token project. What’s more, the Dogechain team dropped some alpha regarding further development of the staking mechanism, possible increased vesting periods for DC tokens, and new reward mechanics.

If you want to have a thorough overview of this information, we suggest that you listen to the entire recording, as some alpha-bombs were dropped throughout the session.

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