Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 6

The Dogechain team created this platform to help Dogecoin holders discover new use cases for their favorite meme coin. Thanks to the Polygon Edge framework, Dogechain has managed to push out a scalable network attracting top-notch builders that cater to the fun-loving Doge meme culture.

As usual, last week’s Twitter Spaces was an incredible source of information about projects building on Dogechain. Not only were we blessed with the presence of some of the fastest-growing communities in the ecosystem, but we also witnessed the versatility of each offering on Dogechain.

From advanced DeFi, to MemeFi and blue-chip NFTs, the featured projects on this Project Spotlight provided some awesome insight into what’s coming for Dogechain users. You can check out the full recording of this week’s Spaces here:

And for a short & sweet write-up on the featured projects, you can keep reading this blog post.


RealDogePunks, or RDP is the first unique, blue-chip NFT PFP collection on Dogechain. The collection consists of 10,000 generative art pieces made from 256 traits with a high variety of occurrences on 17 different backgrounds.

Imagined by @Mandarinemarie_ the art of RDP is simply stunning. These pixelated Doges are so unique and lovable that they quickly gathered an incredible community of supporters. The success was immediate, as the collection was fully minted in less than 22 hours.

What’s more, it quickly gained enough traction to become the #1 collection in value and volume on Dogechain. Since its inception, RDP has help more than 70% of the volume on Oasis, which is the highest-traffic NFT marketplace on our memechain.


Hound is a lending and margin trading platform on Dogechain, bringing real yield to all the Doges by sharing protocol revenue. Hound plans to thrive together with Dogechain in order to become the go-to DeFi protocol for advanced financial products.

The platform provides the following services:

  • Lend — you can become a liquidity provider by supplying assets into Hound. This allows you to earn yield on your deposited assets and watch them grow.
  • Borrow — Use your deposited assets as collateral and borrow from range of multiple networks which contain multiple assets.
  • Vote — Participate in Hound governance and vote on new proposals, new assets, and protocol upgrades.

It’s a complete protocol allowing users to start making passive income from their Dogechain mainnet assets and start putting their Doge to work.

eGod The Savior

eGod is the Savior of the memes on Dogechain. The goal of this meme token is to fight the rugs and the FUD and provide users on our chain with genuine meme value.

As such, eGod leans heavily into MemeFi and counts on the rise in value of memes. They are taking learnings from the first generation of memecoins and building on them. MemeFi redefines utility and integrates the core concepts of what we as humans desire: connection, belonging, fun, and friendship.

Savior is a pioneer in the social finance that is MemeFi, taking inspiration from nature and spirituality and using virality and community engagement to grow. The key focus resides in creating fun products that engage and onboard retail users.

Their FlapEGod game is a perfect example of this, mixing fun, addictiveness, and competitiveness.

To sum up, Savior harnesses the science and theory behind memetics and cultural information transfer and integrates it within a fun brand, creating a vision that brings the community together to work towards a common goal.

Wrap up

Like every week, we wrapped up the spaces with our “Shitcoin Showdown” where the community had a chance to share their favorite meme tokens on the chain. Furthermore, we got some great alpha about NFT collection launches, games, and DeFi protocols that are yet to be released on the chain.

In other words, the builders on the chain have showcased even more goodies and use cases for Dogecoin. It seems we’re only getting started, Shibes!

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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