Dogechain DC Project Spotlight

Another week has passed in the Dogechain ecosystem and builders keep building amazing dApps on the chain. This week we had some great featured projects that touch upon different sectors including lending and NFTs.

In addition to the ecosystem showcase, the team provided some incredible information about upcoming updates to the tokenomics model of Dogechain.

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For a more concise overview, read our write-up below.

Atlantis Loans

Atlantis is an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol, that allows you to earn interest and access liquidity across 5 major blockchains. This, of course, includes Dogechain which is one of the few platforms that provide a reliable lending platform until now.

The platform provides a vast array of lending tools using battle-tested smart contracts forked from Since its beginnings, the platform has added multiple lending/borrowing markets. It now includes BUSD, USDT, USDC, wDOGE, DC, and MATIC.

Atlantis users control all of their digital assets on a non-custodial protocol while earning a variable rate based on the market demands of that asset. The platform is governed by the ATL/ATLX tokenholders who propose and vote for upgrades to the protocol.

All in all, it’s one of the great apps that provides financial independence to Doge and DC holders on the Deogechain network.


MemeNFT is a chain-agnostic NFT marketplace that includes 8+ different mainnets, with Dogechain being currently developed. This has allowed this marketplace to host hundreds of awesome collections from different chains.

MemeNFT declares itself as the world’s most accessible NFT platform for creators, HODLers, and normies alike. From JPEGs, to music, and of course, all-things-meme. Which perfectly aligns with the Dogechain ethos, the chain where memes and dreams are made.

The marketplace itself provides a great UI, with handy filters. Creators can easily mint new collections, and apply royalties while collectors have some of the best features the market can offer. And with the traction from other chains, Dogenchain NFT creators could get more engagement and reach with the MemeNFT marketplace with an already established userbase.


During our “shitcoin showdown” section, we also got acquainted with some extremely cool projects, namely Wojack Finance and DogeBears NFT. We’ll certainly be seeing more of them in the next iteration of Project Spotlights.

Worth noting is that there was much more than just showcasing ecosystem advancements this time around. The Dogechain team dropped some incredible alpha about a historical event on the chain — the burning of 80% of the unreleased supply of $DC tokens.

This alone created incredible traction around Dogechain. It also solidified the weekly Twitter Spaces as the “place to be” if you want some firsthand information about upcoming events on the chain.

As always, the best thing is to listen to the recording in its entirety and pick out the crucial parts by yourself.

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