Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 9

What an exciting week in the Dogechain ecosystem! The community voted for the Great Burn and the Dogechain foundation destroyed 80% of the total supply of $DC tokens. What’s more, a large part of the circulating supply was also cut (58%), which spurred a lot of motivation within the community around the project.

Moreover, Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter contributed greatly to a rally for Dogecoin, and meme coins in general. This has benefited Dogechain directly, because, as the value of DOGE rises, so does the TVL on Dogechain!

As a result, activity on Dogechain has skyrocketed! Transactions are steadily growing and stay well above 1 million per day.

The number of users on the chain has risen exponentially, growing from ~250,000 to nearly 1 million unique wallets in just one week!

With staking coming in the next week, the community consensus is that Dogechain is maturing into a solid project with awesome dApps and competitive TVL in the space. All of this would be impossible without the motivated builders on the chain that are providing Dogecoin users with the added utility through their software.

On our last spaces, we met some incredible teams that will make Dogechain the chain of choice if you want to earn and have fun while doing so. Check out the full recording here:

For a more detailed writeup of each project that was presented during the event, keep reading this article:


Hellhound is a yield farming protocol on Dogechain where users can earn interest on their tokens through a combination of ecosystem opportunities and internal reflections. It allows users to deposit funds in token vaults and liquidity pools (LP). A small reflection fee is charged on withdrawal from a vault and redistributed to all users in the vault, making this ideal for long-term yield farmers.

The protocol uses a dynamic reflection fee based on market conditions, which stabilizes and boosts long-term APY.

The $HLH token is used extensively and is designed to facilitate the efficient and distributed governance of the protocol. $HLH holders can help make decisions such as:

  • Changing reflection rates on Hellhound vaults
  • Adding new vaults
  • Migrating tokens inside existing vaults to new strategies
  • Deciding which tokens the Treasury accumulates
  • Voting on new UI / Branding changes

Worth noting is that Hellhound is a part of the Netherworld DAO, which spans multiple blockchains including Kadena and Berachain.


Cashino is a DeFi Casino on DogeChain where you can play various games, place bets, and earn platform fees. Moreover, it allows DC holders (+10,000 DC) to win bonuses on their yields.

It’s a DeFi online betting protocol owned by the community where revenue is shared across the users to bring more players and make winning volumes higher. Here’s how it works:

Users earn protocol Real Yield Dividends (RYD) automatically by investing in the protocol itself through its staking vaults using the native chain token. Funds deposited in the staking vaults are unrecoverable as they are distributed around the protocol to generate the revenue that is paid out.

Cashino intelligently employs game theory to provide users with various and exciting ways to make some profits, while sharing their bids with their peers. A true decentralized Casino, one of the first on Dogechain.

JunkYard Doge

JunkYard Doge is a yield farming platform built on Dogechain which allows users to stake different tokens and NFTs. This provides farming yields in the form of $JYD tokens.

The $JYD tokenomics are designed to fight inflation through various burning mechanisms. As people trade and stake, the $JYD custom contract continuously reduces the supply.

The platform offers various products:

  • Single Staking — JunkYard Doge holders can simply stake their $JYD and earn from multiple APY pools.
  • Junkyard Cares — An NFT collection for each of the 7 Junkyard Doges, minted with $JYD tokens.
  • Junkyard Rollers — a fun and high-risk, high-reward casino.
  • NFT Staking — where users can get $JYD tokens when locking their NFTs onto the platform.

There’s also an animated series coming, which will depict the misadventures of the JunkYard Doges. All in all, a fun and jack-of-all-trades MemeFi platform.

Cyber Arena

Cyber Arena is a metaverse fighting game custom-built and running on Dogechain. This multiplayer web3 game provides zero latency and staked fights. 50% of earnings from the Web2 game will be redirected to the Web3 Game protocol, supporting staking pools, rewards, and airdrops.

In Cyber Arena, skins and equipment (minted as NFTs) do not have power enhancement benefits. Players can completely rely on their skills and tactic in order to stay competitive on the ranking lists.

Created by the world-renown Imperium Games studio, which has created dozens of hyper-successful Web2 and mobile games with a combined figure of 30 million downloads. Cyber Arena opens a world of possibilities and might act as a bridge between web2 and web3 gaming, with Dogechain acting as the catalyst.

Wrapping Up

To finish up, we had a few more projects enter our Shitcoin Showdown panel to provide some updates and insight into what’s coming. A notable appearance from FlokiFi which announced launching their token locker on Dogechain. eGod also provided some insight into updates of their platform and some awesome stuff coming to $SAVIOR supporters.

All in all, an awesome space where more than 5000 have already tuned in. Make sure you listen to it in its entirety, if you want to get some alpha information about what’s coming on Dogechain.

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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