Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 10

Even though the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a grim portion of its history, builders continue to develop toward a better outcome for humanity. Blockchain tech is the cradle of Web3, which will shape our financial and social future. The biggest players in the industry are partnering with real-world companies to increase the use cases of this wonderful technology.

In the meantime, the Dogechain team announced the switch to proof of stake and the implementation of veDC staking coming on Monday, November 14th. This will exponentially increase the use cases of the $DC token, while simultaneously paving the path to increased decentralization.

In our Twitter spaces last week, we covered some of the intricacies of the staking model and revisited the current state of the blockchain space. But more importantly, we talked to some extremely motivated builders that are deploying ground-breaking products on Dogechain.

Check out the full recording of the spaces here:

And for an overview of the featured projects, keep reading this article.

Olympus Doge

Olympus Doge aims to create an asset-backed currency that will mirror the price of DOGE in the long term. The currency will be supported by treasury assets and an ecosystem of financial services and utility. OHMD aims to become the most censorship-resistant, decentralized reserve currency for the emerging Dogechain ecosystem.

However, the project also wants to avoid the failures of past reserve protocols such as Olympus DAO and Wonderland. To achieve this, the platform avoids some crucial mistakes from the past such as uncontrollable inflation through unsustainable yields.

Some of the solutions the team brings forward include:

  • Team Transparency
  • Backing the $OHMD token with the treasury
  • External Revenue Sources
  • Controlling Inflation
  • Wrapped Liquidity Pool Tokens

To sum up, Olympus Doge aims to succeed where others have failed by providing innovative solutions to inflation and liquidity issues.


KibbleSwap is one of the top decentralized exchanges on Dogechain, with the most locked-up liquidity on Dogechain at the time of writing. This DEX has been pioneering on the Dogechain ecosystem and was one of the first to provide support for bridged stables on the chain.

Moreover, the popularity and high liquidity it provides have made more than one user happy, allowing them fast and low-slippage swaps.

The exchange provides multiple community farms, where liquidity providers receive $KIB tokens as a reward, which is a deflationary token.

KibbleSwap’s token, KIB, is a governance token that can be staked to earn protocol fees. There were no pre-sales, private sales, or pre-listing allocations of the KIB token. All tokens are distributed according to an emission schedule which means that the team funds and treasury funds are distributed at the same pace as the LP farms.

Wojak Finance

Wojak Finance declares itself part DeFi boundary pusher, part comedy experiment. This DeFi platform has been created by scene degens that have been around long enough to tel you hundreds of rug pull stories. However, the team wears these battle scars with pride and wants to do something about it.

Enter Unrektus — a taxable token ($REKT) that will provide holders governance rights and the ability to participate in bi-weekly lotteries that will “unrekt” them from a misfortune trade.

$REKT holders will be able to submit their worst Dogechain trades that were executed on a participating partner’s platform”

  • Holders will help decide the winning “bad trade” and also have governance through
  • All bad trades will be comprehensively reviewed and the top selected users who submit their bad trade will be voted on by the community.
  • Every two weeks there will be a draw to decide which trade will be “Unrekt”.
  • The winner will receive a portion of the prize pool.

Moreover, Wojak has already been working on a secret NFT project that is nothing less than intriguing. We’ll just need to be patient until the crypto winter ice starts thawing a bit.

All in all, an awesome platform that strengthens the Dogechain community and gives back to it.

Icecream Swap

Icecream Swap is a multi-million DeFi platform including a bridge, DEX, and launchpad, currently running on 5 different chains.

Some of the features include:

  • Airdrops for traders soon going multichain
  • Bridge trading fees are to be distributed to liquidity providers
  • Universal bridge for NFT tokens
  • More random community Airdrops for active users
  • Lending protocol with swap

The Icecream Swap bridge has the unique advantage of airdropping wDoge tokens to anyone bridging assets to Dogechain. This way, users are not left without gas when wanting to transact on-chain and can do so immediately after bridging. Quite a convenient feature that streamlines the user experience.

$ICE is the native and governance token of the IcecreamSwap DEX first created on the Bitgert chain. It is now available on multiple chains including Dogechain.

The token has a deflationary mechanism, which means that holding is akin to staking. The team has promised a buyback mechanism in order to make it highly profitable for its holders and users.


Another great Twitter Spaces this week around. We met some determined builders that are making Dogechain an all-around DeFi platform, with innovative ideas and battle-tested code. In time, we believe that the value these platforms bring to users will boost mass adoption of Dogechain, and push MemeFi to the forefront of the industry.

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