DC Dogechain Project Spotlight 11

A lot has happened both in the markets and on Dogechain in these past two weeks. The FTX collapse has created a domino effect in the space, pushing prices to new lows, with major actors entering full-blown capitulation.

Even though it’s never pleasant to see our industry take blow after blow, the Dogechain team keeps building and releasing new features. On November 14, our team released the native staking using the veDC model, a feature that rewards users that align with the long-term vision of the project.

The community immediately jumped on the occasion to stake their $DC tokens, with more than 1.1 billion $DC already being staked, and an average staking period of 3.5 years.

Even though the market is in shambles, the Dogechain community came together to prove their belief in the potential of our memechain.

Speaking of building, community-led projects are not faltering either, as Dogechain still gathers interest from top blockchain developers. In the last 2 weeks, we met with 7 of them, with each one of them adding value to the chain through their ground-breaking DeFi dApps and blockchain games.

You can check out the full recordings on the following links:

Or continue reading this article for a concise write-up on the featured projects on these two events.


Dogechain.Casino is a betting and gambling games aggregator that fully integrates the Dogechain mainnet wallet. The platform provides dozens of popular canard and casino games and aims to provide a seamless, fun, and (sometimes) profitable gaming experience on DogeChain.

Currently, users can deposit both DC and wDOGE on the platform, and play hundreds of different games. We are hoping that the casino partners with other projects on Dogechain and integrates their tokens as well, increasing their utility.


Yukiments is a metaverse filled with cute, yet powerful creatures that will earn you rewards on their own ecosystem. This game introduces the Yukiments, unique elemental creatures that live in the Dogechain in the form of NFTs.

Yukiments are playable characters and users will be able to battle them with each other to get the chance to win $YUKI tokens. Each Yukiment is born with a random power attribute and an element upon minting — Fire, Earth, Lightning, Water, Wind, Ice, and Plant. The game itself works as a collecting card battle game, with each character having to pit against others, taking advantage of their strengths and exploiting their adversary’s weaknesses.

$YUKI is a multi-use-case token that will mainly be used in the games and upcoming utilities of the Yukiments ecosystem.

The game entered the beta phase and will soon be available for the community to test out and have fun with it.


Mantra is a peer-to-peer marketplace to borrow and lend cryptocurrencies and tokens using NFTs as collateral. This platform exponentially increases the utility of your dogechain-based NFTs, as it makes them more liquid.

  • Borrowers can borrow the chain’s native currency or other tokens with their NFTs without having to sell.
  • Lenders will lend tokens for some interest that the borrowers pay on top within the duration they both agree to the loan.

The platform has some neat features, like multiple NFTs in a single order. This allows adding multiple NFTs of multiple collections in a single order to increase the value you can ask to borrow. This is important especially for NFTs with medium to a low value.


Witnet is an oracle provider that enables decentralized, real-world data feeds on Dogechain, essential to DeFi applications. The platform leverages state-of-the-art cryptographic and economic techniques to provide your smart contracts with secure data input.

Witnet can power most DeFi primitives like price feeds, stablecoins, synthetics, etc., as well as act as a reliable source of randomness for creating uniqueness in NFTs.

The Witnet decentralized oracle runs on its own blockchain and relies on the WIT coin for incentivization of independently run nodes that resolve the data requests and agree on the results.

However, the team members also pointed out that users can also proceed with payments with the native tokens of the platform, making it much easier to plug into the ecosystem.


Hyve is a decentralized freelance job board that specializes in web3 and crypto. It allows enterprises to hire professionals and solicit services in any cryptocurrency including $DC.

At the same time, freelancers are welcome to deliver quality work and receive payment directly in cryptocurrencies, either through one-time or recurring jobs. Hyve has streamlined the process of creating a profile and allows freelancers to start searching for a crypto job right away.

Companies can hire freelancers depending on the type of assignment, either through tasks or jobs. Tasks are predefined assignments, with a fixed price, which need to be solved in a determined number of hours or by a certain deadline.

Considering the current state of the web3 market and the layoffs, Hyve is a great place for builders to reach out to competent workers that can allow their project to strive.


WoWMaX is the next-generation DEX aggregation protocol that uses slippage as an additional source of optimization. The platform tries to improve upon the key features of existing DeFi protocols such as Uniswap v2 (multihop) and 1Inch (aggregation).

WoWMaX creates trading value through both multihop aggregation and same-block arbitrage of indirect pairs.

Execution of large trades on a DEX is economically inefficient due to assets’ price slippage. WoWMaX solves this fundamental DEX problem by performing on-chain triangular arbitrage, making large trades on DEXes more profitable.

Special Guest — CyberArena

The Dogecahin team took the opportunity of the 12th Twitter spaces to announce our partnership with Cyber Arena. This awesome 2.5D fighter will be tokenized in the form of NFTs and $CAT tokens on Dogechain.

For those unfamiliar with the project, here’s a short summary:

Cyber Arena is a metaverse fighting game custom-built and running on Dogechain. This multiplayer web3 game provides zero latency and staked fights. 50% of earnings from the Web2 game will be redirected to the Web3 Game protocol, supporting staking pools, rewards, and airdrops.

In Cyber Arena, skins and equipment (minted as NFTs) do not have power enhancement benefits. Players can completely rely on their skills and tactic in order to stay competitive on the ranking lists.

Created by the world-renown Imperium Games studio, which has created dozens of hyper-successful Web2 and mobile games with a combined figure of 30 million downloads. Cyber Arena opens a world of possibilities and might act as a bridge between web2 and web3 gaming, with Dogechain acting as the catalyst.


As you might have noticed, builders are still lining up on Dogechain, despite the market conditions. This commitment is nothing short of exemplary and shows their belief in the future of MemeFi and decentralization.

By working together, we are building a future-proof and versatile ecosystem where $DOGE can be used as gas, setting the foundations for the upcoming meme revolution.

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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