Dogechain DC Network - DOGE Dogecoin

Dear Shibes,

In the past few weeks, our humble little memechain has been experiencing very high traffic. That tremendous usage has put a strain on our infrastructure, creating the degraded network conditions you’ve all felt firsthand.

This increased activity has made the mainnet unstable leading to inconvenience for both users and builders on the chain. We understand that this must be incredibly frustrating. Please know that regardless of the issues you might be having, your funds remain safe, even if your transactions get stuck or you can’t connect your wallet.

This is not the Doge way, and we are here to put an end to unsuccessful transactions, delayed synchronization, and the poor performance of many ecosystem dApps.

We feel the same slowdown you do, and we are working continuously toward improving your user experience. The goal of this announcement is to provide you with a full picture of the solutions being deployed in the short and long term, as well as the time frames they will require.

With the increasing popularity of Dogechain, we are seeing a heightened number of high-frequency dApps coming to the ecosystem, creating surges in traffic and transactions on the mainnet. This has caused great pressure on our RPC nodes, resulting in heavy congestion on the whole network. While we provided the short-term solution of raising gas fees to help your transactions get through, this is just the start of resolving the issues.

It takes a comprehensive and gradual solution to improve the mainnet performance that covers three interconnected aspects.

First and foremost, migrating to higher-performance server hardware. The current server hardware we are using for RPC nodes has the following specifications:

  • CPU: 16 cores
  • Memory: 32 GB
  • IOPS: 3k
  • I/O Throughput: 250MB/s

With the PoS launch, we will migrate to nodes with much higher I/O speed by rolling upgrades in a one-by-one manner, without having to bring the whole mainnet down. The new server hardware has the following specifications:

  • CPU: 32 cores
  • Memory: 64 GB
  • IOPS: >= 16k
  • I/O Throughput: >= 500M/s
  • Network Bandwidth: >= 5GB

The whole process is estimated to take about 8 to 10 days, including the time required for machine preparation, snapshot building, and large database migration. Work is currently underway, and we will not rest until these upgrades are rolled out. When complete, it is expected that all on-chain transactions should process smoothly and without hiccups.

Second, we recommend that our ecosystem projects with customized needs build and operate their own full nodes.

In conjunction, Dogechain will optimize our full node synchronization solution to solve the delay issue and reduce cost. This will likely take one to two months to complete. And we will update our developer ecosystem on how to migrate to new full nodes.

Third, we will be optimizing our storage, as it is getting increasingly large with a current total pre-compression size of 500 GB. The current configuration of the database is not compatible with the growing popularity of our mainnet. The Dogechain team is considering upgrading our database and implementing database pruning in the following months.

In addition to these infrastructural solutions, we are working on optimizing the performance of the Polygon Edge framework, which will be a big benefit to the overall Polygon ecosystem.

We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences these “teething” pains have caused you as a user or a builder on the chain. As Dogechain grows from a puppy to an adult shibe, we will continue to provide ongoing updates about the deployment of solutions regarding the performance, security, and optimization of Dogechain. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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