Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 14

A new week on Dogechain, with new builders. While the markets continue to struggle after the reverberations of the FTX downfall, our chain continues to provide users with added utility for their $DOGE.

Starting with some good news — our dev team has managed to stabilize the performance of the chain after the huge influx of transactions in November. Moreover, they are continuing their work on optimizing the underlying code to meet the scalability demands of builders and users.

Staking on-chain is also gaining ground, as we’ve recently passed the cap of 1000 delegators, and nearly 15% of the circulating supply of $DC is locked in the veDC locker. What’s more, the community has shown its strong belief in Dogechain by locking their $DC for an average of 3 years and 7 months.

Considering the state of the market, we can only be grateful for the confidence our awesome community has in our humble memechain.

Speaking of community, builders are still going strong on Dogechain and continuously launching new dApps that empower both the ecosystem and Dogecoin. On last week’s Twitter Spaces, we met with two promising projects HotDoge and DogLands.

Due to some technical difficulties, Project Spotlight #14 wasn’t recorded, so we will do our best to summarize the conversation in this article. Below is a summary of the featured projects.


HotDoge is a MemeFi platform that wishes to perpetrate the meme culture and spread the word to the Dogecoin community about the awesomeness of Dogechain. To achieve their goal, this highly respected team from Cronos has launched their $HOTDOGE token, so that it could be plugged into their upcoming DAO.

The HOTDAO is aiming to be an investment fund that is used to support the entire $HOTDOGE ecosystem. The idea is to use the funds gathered from various activities (NFT sales) and invest in farms/vaults/projects/NFTs — anything that adds value to $HOTDOGE in the long term.

Currently, the team is running an NFT minting effort — FOX & THE HOUNDS, with unique, in-house made art. Additionally, they offer NFT staking, allowing holders to get revenue in $HOTDOGE, increasing the utility of their assets.

Fun fact, you can mint an NFT with a Fox trait (Only 150) and get a free hound NFT as your reward.


DogLands aims to be the definitive DeFi lending platform on Dogechain EVM, further enhanced and complemented by its GameFi functionality. The lending portion of the protocol will be a fork of CREAM finance, a well-known lending protocol on ETH mainnet, and will be using the Witnet oracles.

While it’s a lending platform at its core, what separates DogLands from the rest is the novel GameFi approach. The DogLands game is a SRPG roguelite with a fleshed-out story and an adorable cast of characters.

It borrows its concept from the well-known Slay the Spire, and will provide a turn-by-turn adventure game, powered by NFTs. These utility NFTs will provide benefits on the lending platform and allow users access to advanced features.

While the game is in a very early stage, we couldn’t help but fall in love with the design of the characters Gode and Ratto. Looks very promising indeed!

Wrapping Up

We wrapped this Spaces up with the obligatory Shitcoin Showdown, where we got some great updates about some ongoing projects on the chain such as eGod Savior. Also, the community was able to get some incredible alpha from the team regarding the Staking Ladder rewards. More information about this will be released very soon, so stay tuned, Shibes!

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