Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 16

It was a fun week on Dogechain, as our first Telegram party was organized on our official channel last Saturday. With DJ_WOJAK behind the turntables, hundreds of users showed up to the party, listened to some awesome music, and rained tips on each other using the DogeTools Tipbot.

We also announced the grants program and started contacting projects and builders that are eligible to receive the first round of grants. There’s some great news coming during the week about these, so make sure you stay tuned for more information.

And of course, we had our 16th Project Spotlight Twitter Spaces, with the goal to have the community meet some of the builders on the chain. This week, we wanted to refresh their memory on some ongoing projects, mainly Atlanis Loans and DogeTools.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances and technical difficulties Twitter was experiencing, a large portion of the community wasn’t able to join Spaces. This included one of our featured projects, DogeTools. No worries, however, as we’ve already invited them to the next Project Spotlight iteration.

Meanwhile, we had a great talk with Atlantis Loans that had the leisure to provide an in-depth overview of their lending platform. Check out the full recording here:

And, like always, here’s a concise summary of the discussion below.

Atlantis Loans

Atlantis Loans is a veteran project on our memechain and has been providing lending services since the launch of the mainnet. For those unfamiliar with the project, Atlantis is an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol, that allows you to earn interest and access liquidity across 5 major blockchains.

This, of course, includes Dogechain making Atlantis one of the exceptional and reliable protocols that provide lending services on the chain. Forked from, Atlantis uses battle-tested smart contracts that have experienced a huge surge in transactions and TVL during the bull run. At its peak, Atlantis had more than $500 million value locked, all chains included.

Their lending service provides sizeable APRs, adding a crucial piece to the DogeFi puzzle on Dogechain. Users can lend assets and earn interest, or borrow and make good use of those assets elsewhere on the chain.

Users can also participate in the liquidation mechanism, and liquidate borrowers that are behind in their payments. This keeps the lending protocol healthy and provides another source of income for users, as they are able to earn from liquidations as well.

In addition to its lending platform, Atlantis has been providing useful tools and data points to the Dogechain Community. Their Dogechain Hub page, for example, aggregates extremely useful data for users and allows them to claim $DC staking from all validators at once. The hub has become one of the go-to places for everyone using the chain frequently, as it tracks live data on supply, locked $DC, price and market cap.

Wrapping up

This Twitter Spaces was relatively shorter than our usual events, due to the technical issues the platform was experiencing across the board. Nevertheless, we still managed to get some awesome insights from builders and community members. Make sure to check out the full recording if you were unable to join, and we promise to make the next Project spaces even more worth your while.

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