Dogechain DC Project Spotlight 19

Exciting times for the Dogechain community, frens.

The Battle of the Grants has gathered dozens of projects with the same goal — to grow their community to the next level and be the ultimate prize winner!

With a prize pool of $10,000, projects have been continuously pumping their socials with motivational posts and organically growing their followers. Giveaways, parties, spaces — the ecosystem has been bubbling with activity in the past couple of weeks.

And since a huge portion of the contest participants were NFT-centric projects, we decided to make our 19th Project Spotlight a bit more special this time around. To this end, we contacted NFT builders on the chain to massively participate on this Spaces.

So, instead of only a couple of featured projects, we invited no less than 7 different ones, each one to cover their NFT collections and utilities.

For a detailed overview, the best you can do is to listen to the Spaces recording, found here:

For those with less time on their hands, check out the full summary below.


Monos presented their NFT collection, as their mint is still live on their website. And at first glance, it might seem that Monos’ focus is to launch this extremely cool NFT collection. However, this is just the cherry on top. This project is one of the strongest tooling providers for Dogechain, all communities included.

Since the launch of the chain, Monos has been providing the community with various tools, analytics, and infrastructure features, invaluable to the Dogechain NFT community. This includes buy and sell bots for Telegram, and an RPC tester that helps users find the best-performing endpoint to conduct seamless transactions on Dogechain.

The proceeds from the mint are aimed at helping development costs so that the team can continue releasing new tools such as the upcoming NFT on-chain analytics tool.


HotDoge is a MemeFi platform that wishes to perpetrate the meme culture and spread the word to the Dogecoin community about the awesomeness of Dogechain. They are a sum of multiple moving parts, including the DAO, the Fox and Hound NFT project, and their $HOTDOGE token.

Their DAO is the first functional organization of its kind n Dogechain and has already experienced decent success within the community. The DAO has a goal to support the HOTDOGE ecosystem by investing in farms/vaults/projects/NFTs — anything that adds value to $HOTDOGE in the long term.

Currently, the project is halfway through its mint (~2500/5000), so anyone looking for some cool PFPs can mint a few Foxes & Hounds. What’s more, staking these NFTs will provide HOTDOGE rewards that will, in turn, grant you access to the DAO.


RealDogePunks, (or RDP) is the first unique, blue-chip NFT PFP collection on Dogechain. The collection consists of 10,000 generative art pieces made from 256 traits with a high variety of occurrences on 17 different backgrounds.

Thanks to the great artwork and vibrant community, RDPs have become the premier NFT collection on Dogechain, spearheading the entire ecosystem in volume and floor prices.

Recently, they released a Christmas advent calendar with 24 unique NFTs, which was met with high enthusiasm from the community. The founders of the project provided some great alpha, declaring that they were going to use the grant funds to sweep the RDP floor. Moreover, the artist behind the project expressed enthusiasm for creating other exclusive themed collections, akin to the Christmas advent calendar.


The Drugged Huskies is a multi-utility, art-based collection of 5556 spacey NFTs. These stoner Huskies are unique hand-drawn collectibles, designed to hang out with the Dogechain family.

The collection is both brand and tech-focused, moving toward an interactive and real-world experience. To this end, the team is developing a full-fledged metaverse including the Drugged Huskies NFTs, songs, and movies.

The Drugged Huskies’ long-term mission is to launch several NFT collections, 4–5 merchandise collections, several movies, and a series of songs. Another future goal is to launch the $TDH token which will have direct implications in the metaverse and be used for events, merchandise, accessories, luxury items, games, and much more.

The team has already managed to develop just short of 20 key partnerships in the space, which speaks miles about their commitment to growing this project. All in all, The Drugged Huskies go way beyond the simple PFP collection and genuinely try to provide added utility for Dogechain NFT enthusiasts.


The DogeBlinders are a no-nonsense PFP NFT collection on Dogechain. Straight out of Birmingham, the DogeBlinders present awesome art inspired by the incredibly popular Peaky Blinders series.

The project doesn’t pretend to advanced utilities but inspires to create a fun environment for its supporters. Their community is vibrant, and there are daily giveaways for those participating in the games in the Telegram group.

Having recently completed their mint, the DogeBlinders are set for success as a pure PFP collection.

Doge Name Service

This project sets itself apart from the other projects on this Spaces, as its NFTs are fully based on utility.

ĐogeNameService (ĐNS) allows users to use a readable .doge name instead of a long and hard-to-remember address. So, in the case where your address looks like a long string of hexadecimal numbers and letters, it will be compressed into an easily recognizable nickname like elon.doge.

So, you won’t need to copy and paste long addresses. Just use your ĐNS name to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT. Name services are a pillar of Web3, and will become much more prevalent as Dogechain gets mainstream adoption.

Moreover, you can use avatars, URLs, and custom text fields to further differentiate yourself from the pack.


A highly popular project on Dogechain, DogeTools brings utility tools to chain users, such as their acclaimed tipbot, already present in hundreds of Telegram groups.

In a nutshell, DogeTools is a suite of utilities aimed to cater to all Dogechain users. It provides a swap and staking services, as well as code audits for up-and-coming builders on the chain.

However, DogeTools also has a PFP NFT collection, which is currently minting. In addition to providing FREE PIZZA to those who mint pizza-themed doges, the mint will also reward a pool of $5000 once completed.

Wrapping up

This Project Spotlight managed to prove that the NFT community on Dogechain is alive and kicking. Builders provide advanced utility for their users, whereas the community is vibrant, motivated, and supportive of their favorite projects.

We can’t wait to see these projects thrive and it’s only a question of time and adoption. As soon as the markets turn more favorable, it’s inevitable that interest in Dogechain NFT projects will skyrocket.

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