DC Dogechain Spotlight 15

Happy New Year, Shibes! 🎆

2022 is finally behind us, and with it, an important chapter in the blockchain industry comes to a close.

Although a lot of positive things happened in the past year, such as the launch of our awesome Dogechain memechain, the majority of the crypto industry didn’t exactly have its way. We experienced one of the harshest bear markets in history underlined by some of the most disastrous events in our relatively young industry.

From the Terra/Luna debacle to the FTX collapse, 2022 had its fair share of crypto calamities that shook even the most resilient of projects and the entire industry to its foundation. The ramifications of these extremely bearish phenomena can still be felt to this day, as multiple major players in the industry were wiped out of existence.

In this environment, Dogechain sometimes appeared as a glimmer of hope for our community, providing them with a fresh start and innovative and inclusive long-term goals. Dogecoin had already proven its resilience, and Dogechain is now here to provide the original memecoin with added utility.

Hundreds of builders answered the call and joined Dogechain, despite the harsh market conditions we were experiencing. We are extremely thankful for all the projects that continue to provide added utility for DOGE and are enabling the original meme to be plugged into Web3.

To show our appreciation, a couple of weeks ago, we announced the first round of grants that would go to these builders. Moreover, last week we launched another community-building incentive, the Battle of the Grants — where projects can grow their community and get rewarded for it.

Out two last Project Spotlight Twitter spaces covered these grants, as well as some crucial updates from some of the builders on the chain. Unfortunately, the #17 spaces crashed and Twitter didn’t manage to record the event. You can, however, listen to #18 on the following link:

👉 https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MYxNgBpgjoKw?s=20

For those that wish for a short summary of the last two events, keep reading.

Savior 🙏

eGod is the Savior of the memes on Dogechain. The goal of this meme token is to fight the rugs and the FUD and provide users on our chain with genuine meme value.

As such, eGod leans heavily into MemeFi and counts on the rise in value of memes. They are taking learnings from the first generation of memecoins and building on them. MemeFi redefines utility and integrates the core concepts of what we as humans desire: connection, belonging, fun, and friendship.

Savior is a pioneer in the social finance that is MemeFi, taking inspiration from nature and spirituality and using virality and community engagement to grow. The key focus resides in creating fun products that engage and onboard retail users.

Angelina from Savior provided some roadmap points for their memeFi project, such as spreading over to multiple chains and reaching more users. They have also partnered with some other builders on the chain, including Wojak.finance and DogeTools. The former provides farms for the SAVIOR token and some juicy APRs for providing liquidity.

Dogetools 🔧

One of the most acclaimed projects on Dogechain, Dogetools brought the extremely popular tipbot to hundreds of telegram channels, allowing users to tip each other with wDOGE and DC tokens.

In a nutshell, DogeTools is a suite of utilities aimed to cater to all Dogechain users. It provides a swap and staking services, as well as code audits for up-and-coming builders on the chain.

In this last spaces, they showcased their latest NFT collection, which will give away a prize pool of $5000 once fully minted.

That said, their flagship product remains the tipbot, which has already been integrated with hundreds of telegram channels in and out of the Dogechain ecosystem.

DogeBets 🆙

Dogebets is a prediction platform that allows users to wager on price-up and price-down movements for BNB, BTC, and DOGE on both BNB chain and Dogechain. It’s a fairly simple concept, allowing users to have fun and an opportunity to earn some crypto while the market is in disarray.

In addition to their prediction market, Dogebets provides a completely decentralized referral program, managed by a smart contract. For every player you bring, you will be rewarded with 1% of their future wagers. These rewards will accumulate under your wallet address within our smart contract and can be redeemed whenever you like and as often as you like.

In order for a player to become referred to you — just send them your referral link. The player then simply needs to bet one time after following your link, which permanently refers their wallet to yours.

It’s a great way to get the community moving and growing, especially when the markets are struggling. Just keep in mind that these are risky endeavors and you should never bet more than you are willing to lose.

Wrapping up

Now that we’ve put 2022 behind us, the opportunities in 2023 seem endless. While the markets might continue to dish out some pain to our industry, we can hope that the bearish cycle will find an end in the next year.

And once that happens, the sky is the limit, shibes. With such awesome builders on our chain and so many incredible utilities for Dogecoin, the opportunity presented by our memechain will be something to behold.

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