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Hello Shibes, this 5th issue of the Dogechain Digest will help you get up to speed with everything that has been going on in our ecosystem.

In the past few weeks, we have been fortunate to see some major infrastructural and ecosystem updates go live on the network. Builders keep delivering awesome products on the chain that solidify the network and increase Dogecoin’s utility.

Before we delve into the details, let’s have a quick look at the current statistics on the chain.

Weekly Stats Update 📊

On-chain stats ⛓️

The Dogechain network is growing steadily

  • 92,009,893 transactions with an average of 72.5k transactions/day.
  • 12,794,491 wallets
  • 10,834,818 total blocks.

DC staking stats 🔐

  • DC Circulating Supply — 17,524,749,142
  • Current DC Locked — 2,918,963,096
  • % of DC Locked — 16.65%
  • Average Lock Time — 3Y 8M

Updates From Our Ecosystem Builders 🧱

Some crucial integrations have gone live in the last couple of weeks on our memechain. Going forward, these will improve scalability and user experience, and will ultimately enhance the product-market fit of Dogechain as the chain of memes and dreams.

Bitstack Integration

Dogechain has partnered with Bitstack, a professional blockchain infrastructure provider in Web3. The platform has integrated the Dogechain mainnet and now offers users the possibility to spin up bespoke RPC nodes for their decentralized applications.

This means that anyone building on Dogechain can now easily create their own RPC and improve the data handling for their own applications. As a result, it should improve the user experience, as these RPC will be able to handle user requests separately from public ones.

The integration sets a significant stepping stone towards higher stability and better user experience for Dogechain users and builders. Worth noting is that Bitstack’s basic plan is free, so anyone can test the platform for their app before committing.

Quickswap V2 on Dogechain

Quickswap remains the #1 decentralized exchange by liquidity and volume on Dogechain and has been running on the network since the very beginning. However, until recently, only the V3 version of the AMM had been deployed on Dogechain.

While this AMM is incredibly advantageous regarding capital efficiency and liquidity, it, unfortunately, doesn’t take into account some of the taxable meme token contracts on the chain. Consequently, a good portion of the meme token economy and trading action was absent from Quickswap until now.

In addition to consolidating the Dogechain exchange onto its main domain on, the DEX has now integrated the V2 AMM. This will allow exotic tokens to get easily listed on Quickswap, providing them with high liquidity and a reliable trading platform for all meme lovers.

Dogetools and The Drugged Huskies Listed on Quickswap

Thanks to the Quickswap V2 integration and lots of help from Dogira developer Eoghan Hayes, two popular projects on Dogechain, $DTOOLS, and $TDH have listed their tokens on the Quickswap exchange.

This is a huge step forward reigniting the memetoken economy and trading, for which Dogechain gained a lot of traction in its early days. And this is just the beginning, as a good number of projects have already expressed their intention of moving their trading to Quickswap.

Exceptional Dogechain Grants 💰

For their exceptional participation in the NFT ecosystem, the Dogechain Foundation has accorded two exceptional grants to:

  • The Drugged Huskies — for their continuous community-building initiatives and strengthening the Dogechain NFT ecosystem through their Smoke Club off-chain DAO.
  • Mantra — for providing the chain with a feature-clad NFT Marketplace and continuously improving on features and user experience.

We appreciate all the builders that have kept developing through this difficult bear market and will continue to support them.

Wrap-up 🌯

It has been quite a few busy weeks on the chain, with crucial advancements in several fields. However, our team is working relentlessly to bring even more utility for Dogecoin, with tons about to be unveiled on 4/20!

Stay tuned for some major updates regarding infrastructure upgrades, and something that the community has been requesting for a long time — tokenomics improvements!

4/20 is a big day for Dogecoin, and it will be huge for Dogechain.

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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