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Exciting times are upon us, Shibes! The blockchain industry has been packed with action as markets start to look a bit more positive. With Dogecoin receiving more mainstream traction than ever, our memechain that provides utility to the original memecoin is poised for great things!

With that in mind, the Dogechain team has been working relentlessly to provide the community with a robust and scalable platform to accommodate new users. But that’s not all!

We’ve been listening to the feedback from our awesome community and have been working towards some ground-breaking initiatives. Present almost in every field, we are planning fundamental improvements that should put Dogechain under the spotlight in the following weeks and months.

To help the community understand these changes and enhancements, we’ve chosen #DogeDay to reveal our immediate roadmap of things to come.

🔹04/20 Tokenomics Improvements — Token Burn Community Discussion 🗣️

After gathering feedback from the community for several months, the Dogechain Foundation has come to the conclusion that a token burn is the top requested improvement regarding tokenomics.

With a total supply of 200 billion $DC tokens, a considerable portion of the community is requesting that the supply is permanently reduced which would decrease the fully diluted value (FDV) of $DC.

To this end, we are considering a Total Supply burn of the unreleased $DC tokens.

We will be opening a Community Discussion on Reddit that will provide the community with a platform to express their opinion on this tokenomics change. Following the discussion, the burn will be put up to a governance vote using veDC tokens and carried out on

🔹04/26 Infrastructure and product-market fit — Build-A-Doge Factory 🏭 🪙

One of the main volume drivers for the Dogechain network in the early days was memecoin trading. In a matter of days, thousands of projects launched their tokens, contributing to the huge success of Dogechain.

These projects built solid communities and followers, which then became repeat users on the chain. However, due to bear market conditions and infrastructural issues, the memetoken economy on Dogechain has been weakened.

Additionally, the space was quickly plagued by rugpulls and honeypots, which resulted in users losing trust in this narrative. So much so, that the volume of memecoin trading has plummeted.

Even with that in mind, we strongly feel that Dogechain is the best place to trade memecoins. Our memechain perpetuates the Dogecoin ethos and provides traders with negligible transaction fees, allowing them to swap their tokens at will.

To help the ecosystem boost this memecoin economy, we partnered with QuickSwap, which has now deployed both the V2 and V3 versions of their AMM on the chain. This DEX provides a trustworthy platform for trading, paired with a great UI and high liquidity.

In addition, on 04/26 our team will be launching the highly anticipated Build-A-Doge Factory. ✨

This no-code platform will allow projects to launch their DOG-20 tokens easily and focus on building their communities. Moreover, the standard smart contract template for these tokens will ensure that there is no hidden malicious code allowing for 100% tax or honeypot rugpulls.

The combination of these elements should provide ease of use and increased trust within the community. As a result, we can expect the Build-A-Doge Factory to fuel the memecoin economy on Dogechain, bringing more users and volume.

🔹04/27 Governance — Integration of the veDC token in the governance platform 🗳️

The $DC token has two major use cases on Dogechain — to serve as a staking incentive and provide users with governance voting power.

However, on its own, the $DC token can only be used as a speculative asset and traded on the open market. When locked in the veDC model, it gains two major use cases in the ecosystem:

  • staking in the PoS consensus model.
  • governance and voting power in various decision-making procedures.

Moreover, locking $DC in the veDC model provides holders with $veDC tokens, proportional to the length of their lockup periods.

Consequently, long-term supporters receive more governance power (up to 8x) even with modest $DC holdings. It allows true believers in the project to have a stronger influence on the governance of the platform.

On 04/27, the team will be adding the veDC token as the main governance token on, where all major network decisions are taken.

🔹04/28 Governance proposal — Burning XX% of the $DC unreleased supply

Following the aforementioned token burn discussion on Reddit, a clearly formulated proposal regarding the burn will be posted on

Users will be able to decide upon the particularities of the burn by voting with their veDC tokens. The vote will last from 04/28 to 05/05.

🔹05/08 The Great Burn Redux! 🔥

Once the community has voted for the size of the burn, the team will reduce the total supply of $DC tokens following the community discussion and governance vote.

Regardless of the outcome, the burn should significantly reduce the total supply of $DC tokens, and provide better tokenomics optics for the future.

Going forward ▶️

These select roadmap items are only the beginning of a clearly traced route toward improving upon multiple facets of the Dogechain project.

More roadmap items around Tokenomics Improvements, Governance, Community Incentives, and Infrastructure Updates will be unveiled regularly before and during our weekly Twitter Spaces.

Stay tuned for upcoming hints and clues that should get your Doge senses tingling ✨ 🐶

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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