Dogechain DC Build-A-Doge Workshop

Did you ever dream to create your own memecoin, but don’t have the technical knowledge to fulfill your vision? Are you afraid of forking token smart contracts that might harm your community down the road?

To solve these issues, the Dogechain team has released the much-anticipated Build-A-Doge Workshop! Read below to learn more about this handy feature and how to get started with creating your own memecoin on Dogechain.

Read below for the how-to guide.

Memeconomy on Dogechain 🐶

One of the main volume drivers for the Dogechain network in the early days was memecoin trading. In a matter of days, thousands of projects launched their tokens, contributing to the huge success of Dogechain.

These projects built solid communities and followers, which then became repeat users on the chain. However, due to bear market conditions and infrastructural issues, the memeconomy on Dogechain has lost some of its hype.

Additionally, the space was quickly plagued by rugpulls and honeypots, which resulted in users losing trust in this narrative. So much so, that the volume of memecoin trading has significantly decreased.

Even with that in mind, we strongly feel that Dogechain is the best place to trade memecoins. Our memechain perpetuates the Dogecoin ethos and provides traders with negligible transaction fees, allowing them to swap their tokens at will.

What is Build-A-Doge Workshop? 🏭

Dogechain is the chain of memes and dreams. As such, memetoken trading is a major product-market fit for our network. Having users being able to easily create memecoins for their community is essential for volume, TVL, and new user acquisition.

The new Build-A-Doge Workshop provides a streamlined platform for launching DOG-20 tokens, using smart contracts tested by the Dogechain dev team.

This no-code platform will allow projects to launch their DOG-20 tokens easily and focus on building their communities. Moreover, the standard smart contract template for these tokens will ensure that there is no hidden malicious code allowing for 100% buy/sell taxes or honeypot rugpulls.

Combining this feature with the powerful V2 and V3 AMMs brought by Quickswap should provide a trustworthy platform for creating tokens and trading them on Dogechain. As a result, we can expect the Build-A-Doge Factory to fuel the memecoin economy on Dogechain, bringing more users and volume.

Build-A-Doge Quick Guide 📜

The Build-A-Doge Workshop has been created with ease of use in mind so that even less code-savvy users can access its features.

Here’s how to create a token in less than a minute.

  1. Ensure you have at least 10,000 $DC tokens and some wDOGE for gas, as the platform charges a no-spam fee for creating tokens.
  2. Visit the Build-A-Doge Workshop
  3. Connect your Dogechain wallet to the app with your Metamask wallet. If you don’t have the Dogechain network in Metamask, add it by using this info:

RPC Endpoints:

Once connected:

  1. Enter your Token Name (full name for your Token)
  2. Enter your Token Symbol (which will be used by exchanges)
  3. Provide the number of decimals your token should have. (18 is standard).
  4. Enter the total supply of tokens you want to mint.
  5. Provide the Dogechain wallet address where you want to send your newly minted tokens.
  6. Click on “Mint my DOG20 Token” and sign the transactions.
  7. Approve your Metamask to spend your $DC for the anti-spam fee. If your transaction doesn’t go through because of high demand, try setting your gas fee above 300 Gwei.
  8. Sign the minting transaction.
  9. Add the token to your Metamask wallet.
  10. Check your token on the Dogechain Block Explorer

That’s it, you are now in possession of your own DOG20 token supply.

You can now list it on one of the decentralized exchanges on Dogechain like QuickSwap and provide liquidity to enable trading.

Dogechain is bringing DeFi & long awaited utility to Dogecoin. Join the family!

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